Many different industries.  We currently have Pipeline Companies, Cleaning Services, Truck Logisitics, Vehicle Dealerships, Wholesalers and Manufacturers and Retail Sales.  We have the tools and experience to keep you structured.

For most of our clients; Quickbooks Online.  It currently tends to be the most robust and efficient want to keep you organized and structured.  However, we understand business needs in different industries will require different software requirements.  Whether its Sage Simply, ADP, WAVE, we are experienced and skills to keep your business flowing status quo.

Absolutely.  Get in touch and let us know what your needs are and we will build a package that makes sense.

Yes, we can perform year end taxation services for corporations and sole proprietors through our partner company who is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia.

Yes, of course. We never lock you in. and if you ever want to leave we provide the back up data of all the work completed for you to carry on.

Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa-MasterCard, E-Transfer

Our office is located in Beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia. We’d be happy to meet you anytime you want!

Beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.  We service businesses all over Canada.

We make that very simple to switch.  If you are switching half way between a fiscal year all we simply need is your last trial balance or tax return and we will migrate your current info into the new platform.  Or just carry on using the tools your comfortable with.

We will charge a reasonable upfront cost to catch up on the current year or two that you need for your books.  Typically this only takes a few hours by our trained professionals depending on the size of your business so we will make sure it does not hurt your bottom line.

We provide you a LEAD support bookkeeper, plus a team to tackle the little stuff.  If you have questions, concerns, or just want to know everything’s going to be alright, you can get ahold of your team instantly with our integrated messaging system. We are also really good at picking up the phone and “talking” like the good ol’ days.  Your wish is our command and we will prove it!

All good. We will help you download all your receipt images and reports into an imported file so you can add it to whatever system you’re going to use.

Since we are month to month, we monitor how busy you are and we adjust our pricing. You only pay for what you use!