Stop wasting your Time.

You created this business because you’re good at what you do. Why spend your valuable time on administrative tasks when you can make more profit focusing on what you do best?

Average Internal Bookkeeper Salary in Canada

5% Of Total Revenue*

Average Outsourced Bookkeeper Cost in Canada

2.6% of Total Revenue

Average sMB time Invested Annually.

125 days

Cut Costs. Grow Net Profit.

Scale your Business efficiently. Benefits

How beats dealing with your books in-house.

Our Promise.

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Every Business is unique. We don’t expect to fit you into the mold. Let’s learn about your business and see how we can provide you value.

Kelowna Bookkeeping

The Process | How do we Communicate with you?

What can you expect from us? What is the process and how does it work.

We use an online management system, where we are in constant communication with you. We get you to download the app, either on your computer or on your phone, and you gain instant access to all of our bookkeepers. This way, anytime you have a question, concern or just want to thank us for doing an amazing job, you can do it! You are also able to send us documents, receipts, do your payroll all over the internet. This is how you obtain complete control of the most important part of your business.

This makes bookkeeping easier then ever before.

Certified.  Experienced.


Flexible Pricing Packages

All packages include


  • Monthly expenses between $4k and $7.5k


  • Monthly expenses between $7.5k and $15k


  • Every Business is Unique
  • Book a free discovery call


  • Monthly expenses between $15k and $30k


  • Monthly expenses over $30k+

*Payroll (if applicable) is 20$ per month plus 4$ per employee per month.

Outsource your Bookkeeping.

Improve your business profit. Focus on what matters most.